“Education is about awakening –Awakening to the power and beauty that lies within all of us.”

The term 'education' encompasses more than just knowledge and knowing. It is a harmonious blend of academia, arts, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and life itself! And in the world, we have built today, the one who is adept in all these areas is the one who succeeds.

At GD Goenka Public School, we have adopted an integrated curriculum approach through inquiry learning. The development of higher order thinking skills, risk taking,adaptability, cooperation, and communication techniques are fostered.We value collaborative learning, positive relationships and building capacity amongst our learners to effectively allow them to engage in the world of the future, where problem solving, evaluating, working in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilities.

We support the individual wellbeing of our learners and provide a school environment that allows every student to thrive as he works towards achieving his personal best performance. We are partners in learning with our students and seek to deepen their knowledge, provide enriching and innovative learning experiences, while also gently urging our learners out of their comfort zone to attempt new challenges.

I have always believed that, "Excellence is never an accident; it's always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skilful execution."

We are committed to the improvement and growth of our students. We would like to see them soar to new heights and taste success in all their endeavours. We are convinced that the education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

I expect sincere cooperation from parents and guardians for the attainment of school’s objectives.

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