A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher though, awakens your own expectations.

An enthused, dedicated and qualified faculty oversee the well being of all children. Teachers use a student centered style which instill confidence, initiative and the developer or critical and analytical skills. the entry faculty is technology-trained and uses technological teaching aids and an imaginative curriculum to make learning more conceptual, interactive and effective. Each staff member also imbibes the Goenka culture and ethos, the thread that binds the entire teaching fraternity of the Goenkan Society.

Regular in-service programs keep the faculty abreast of the latest national and international developments in the field of education. This influences them to think'out of the box' and become innovative, improve upon styles, approaches and methodologies.

The opportunities for formal and informal relationships with the Goenkan faculty are plentiful and rewarding resulting in lifelong associations as well as professional mentorship that shapes students' lives and careers.

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