Education is a life - long journey and the School realizes the importance of a good start. It is here that the foundation for the love of learning is laid and strengthened. At the Primary Wing, the School expects the students to entrench the basics and explore the world. They learn to question, analyze, classify and communicate their perceptions. An unconventional system of education is adopted by the School where education is imparted through Play Way methods and concepts are taught via activities. A suitably designed child centered curriculum based on CBSE guidelines provides the children with a strong foundation of knowledge. The entire course establishes and strengthens vital skills like reading & writing skills, language and communication skills, number & scientific concepts. Teachers enrich the curriculum through music, art, library and computer programs. The students also learn about the significance of festivals and are encouraged to imbibe Indian values in their lives. In today's world, learning a foreign language is always a good way to improve brain function and obtain an advantage in many fields. At GDGPS, our students from Grade IV, are given the opportunity to opt for any one foreign language from the choices offered. The Foreign language training will further widen the scope of students’ future academics and careers

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